“Passion and heart—that’s what makes Dakota stand out. There are tons of chiseled bodies and qualified trainers out there for sure. But Dakota adds to all his (undeniable) expertise a genuine and burning passion to improve the lives of those he works with. The guy just lives to add value to others.
He also has a generous and kind heart. I can’t understate how many times he surprised me with his concern and thoughtfulness, how he checks in even without my asking, inquires about my general well-being (not just physical fitness), and how available he is to every question or concern.
It should go without saying that with all these Dakota provides every necessary tool, plan, and information you need to transform your body and your life. In the end the only question is if you are willing to match the effort and passion he pours onto you. If the answer is yes, life in the heights shouldn’t be far behind.”
-Fr. Albert, Manilla, Philippines