“I never believed I could lose weight, I was so closed minded and settled for the person I was and the way I looked. In the past I had tried dieting on my own with no knowledge and no plan, I would just rush into it and it didn’t work. I always felt starving and never saw the results I wanted. I even tried a previous nutritionist and that only lasted about a month and again no results. With the help of Dakota and his knowledge in fitness he made a meal plan that was specifically made for me and my body. I stuck to his plan and worked out and I saw the results I thought were impossible! I started August 2017 and in 8 months I’ve lost over 60lbs. Dakota works with you one on one, he checks up one you to make sure how your doing. He cares and wants to know about your concerns, things you like and things you don’t like. He really believes in you, for me specifically having that person that’s counting on you to put in the work really motivates me to stick to my meal plan, get my workout in and never give up.”
-Jacky Rodriguez, Colorado