“My boyfriend and I worked with Dakota a little over 8 weeks. I was motivated to start working with him because I was constantly getting sick, I always felt tired and I wanted to feel better about myself. My goal was not to lose a lot of weight but to tone and gain more energy. I can honestly say that without the help from Dakota I wouldn’t feel as good as I do today and I also would not have the knowledge to live a healthier life style. I have not gotten sick since I started the program, I sleep better and I have more energy throughout the day. My body actually rejects junk food now because I am choosing a healthier diet. Although I didn’t stick 100% to his plan I have still noticed a lot of differences in my body. Dakota was great at checking in, was always available for my many questions and motivated us both to keep going. My boyfriend and I still make it a goal to stay active and choose healthier eating habits. The results are worth it!
-Brittney White, Colorado