“Dakota is the man! He has, and is, nothing short of amazing as a person and a coach! He and I met late summer 2017, and I very quickly knew that Dakota could help me make the transformation I needed to make, through getting my nutrition on track. A few weeks after we began working together I suddenly found myself setting an ambitious goal…to do my first mens physique comp!
Things went into overdrive quick and Dakota was, and is, there every step of the way! He got me off soda, drinking at least a gallon of water a day, prepping my own whole clean foods, got me eating regularly through the day, and off junk food. He put me on a realistic meal plan filled with things I could prep quick that I like to eat. He walked me through the psychological and lifestyle changes that come with going from treating food as comfort to treating it as fuel… I could write a book on all the ways Dakota got me on course and keeps me there!
In 4 months of his meal plan and accountability/coaching I went from 19% to 9% bodyfat and put on 5 to 8 or so pounds of lean muscle! The proofs in the numbers! Dakota’s coaching works!
Now that I’m in prep for my show, Dakota has shifted roles and is partnering with my prep coach (who is in Florida I’m in Colorado so there is a distance gap) Dakota bridges that gap by helping me onsite in the gym to make sure my given prep workouts are executed to the MAX such that I push my limits and give my all to each workout! Dakota is an amazing motivator, teacher, and coach in the gym! Dakota has helped immensely to bring up my intensity, form, focus, and gains in the gym!
He is great working with my Cerebral Palsy! He knows how to both help me break through imagined limits from CP and how to work around areas of my CP that are…FOR NOW…a factor to consider! Dakota has helped me do things in the gym that a year ago were a dream…things like free weight bench presses and hex bar deadlifts!
Dakota has, and is, equipping me with a sustainable lasting lifestyle of health and fitness and results that I had only dreamed of!
This is only the beginning! Dakota will be a part of my prep and off season coaching team for life! More then a coach, Dakota is a brother to me that I trust completely!
Take it from me, make Dakota your coach! You will be so glad you did!”
-Marc Dubois, Colorado