“Dakota is the best. He tailored a personalized fitness and nutrition plan for me and put me on the road to success. Dakota is easy to talk to and gives great advise that you can use to lose weight and tone up.” -Lance Branch, Texas
“Although I knew a decent bit about fitness and a healthy lifestyle before working with Dakota, I feel that he provided me with the knowledge and tools to take my physique to a whole new level. I would normally just go into the gym and do whatever I felt like, with no real structure to my workouts, and I wasn’t seeing any progress. Dakota gave me effective workouts that I felt challenged me. He listened to my feedback and removed or added workouts tailored to my lifestyle and preferences, and I never had seen changes in my body within the last year as I did within just two short months of working with him. He also taught me how important food is in reaching my fitness goals and crafted a meal plan that I actually enjoyed following and helped me overcome my mental block with food, as I had always thought I was eating enough but it turns out my body needed way more fuel than it was receiving to see physical changes. Dakota is extremely receptive to any questions I have and is always quick to respond with detailed advice or tips. He truly cares about his clients.”
-Diana McCaslin, Colorado