“I have been on the path to sobriety and just changing my life around in general since the beginning of 2018 after my girlfriend left me, I had just quit my Chef position because I was burnt out and coping with drug and alcohol use daily. Long story short, I decided after countless mental breakdowns to pursue help in the form of fitness. Dakota and I went to High School together and when I got in contact with him about helping me reach some goals to be on a healthier path and lifestyle, and I saw all the achievements he has made since high school, well, the rest is history. Since working with him over the phone and online coaching I have turned my life and self around and couldn’t be happier with my results thus far. I feel like a man again and I feel empowered and confident and healthy. 5 starts all day, I recommend him to all my friends that want to change their life and routine for the better.”
-Jake Szary , Colorado