“’You were not made for comfort, you were made GREATNESS’. This is a quote that as always been close to my heart. Being born with Cerebral Palsy has brought its challenges and life has not always walked me down the “comfortable road”, but I have always been man who longs to be GREAT. And boy am I far from great. But a life of some “uncomfort” has reminded that it is only through overcoming that adversity that one can truly be great. DAKOTA LANE has been one of my most recent reminders of that.
Dakota pushes you. He challenges you. He demands of you more than you think you are capable. He makes you physically UNCOMFORTABLE. Why? Because he knows and he believes that’s it can make you great. His regimen is rigorous and demanding. It thorough and exhausting. It is EXACTLY what you need if you want to become the best version of yourself. Furthermore, while Dakota’s methods are unique and effective, what’s sets him apart is the way that he leads his clients. He leads by example and he leads through humble willingness to tirelessly serve those who have entrusted their bodies to his guidance. I plan to renegade in his plan for me this summer, because I have seen the results and I believe in his methods. I highly recommend Dakota Lane Fitness to anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves. It will make you uncomfortable; it will make you great. Thanks, Dakota.”
– Joshua Brittain, Arizona