About Me

I entered high school at 4’11” and 81 lbs. I didn’t even break 100lbs until 11th grade. Despite my size, I never let it hold me back in my attempt to be great in every aspect.  I played sports, competed in powerlifting, and even set some state records, but I didn’t start to take my fitness journey seriously until college.

As I journeyed further into the fitness world the more I began to recognize all around were advertisements with the latest and greatest pill or diet but none were producing lasting results. From ab creams to useless supplements, I witnessed people invest time and money in what they believed to be the key to achieving their dream body and yet, consistently never fully achieving what they desired.  This realization motivated me to begin to help people understand true health and fitness

Every day, I strive to teach people the difference between what the mainstream media markets as fitness and what true, effective health and fitness looks like.  There are so many aspects to fitness and nutrition that go beyond six pack abs, small waists, and big biceps (although those are nice to have). The human person is a unique, complex, beautiful composite of mind, body, and soul. My passion is to help you experience the best version of you in each one of these aspects.

From 4’11 81lbs to now a Nationally Certified Personal trainer working with over to 750 individuals in all 50 states, 22 countries, and ALL 7 continents including Antarctica, my story is a testament that with the right education and determination, there is no limit to what you can achieve. I know the struggle of overcoming limits and facing a challenge that seems impossible, but I also know it IS possible.

let me take you to the heights

- Dakota Lane

Awards & Experiences

1st place Overall Rocky Mountain Mens Physique Champion

Hosted as Keynote Speaker by:
Regis University
Fort Hayes Sate University
Inferno Men’s Conference
St John Vianney College Seminary, Miami, FL.
Christ in the City, Denver, CO.
Diocese of Phoenix Clergy Formation

Featured on The Coaster Podcast 
Featured with client on 9news
Featured on the Struggling Catholic Podcast
Featured on The Chris Stefanick Show

Partnered Master Trainer with Hypuro Fit
Recommended trainer for Swole Catholic
Featured Speaker at SEEK2022

My Education

National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT, National Council of Strength and Fitness Personal Trainer Workshop Certification, CPR/AED Certified, Franciscan University Certified Personal Trainer

Bachelor Degree, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Masters Degree in Leadership