I would recommend Dakota lane fitness to anyone trying to improve their over all health and image. From very specific, yet easy to use meal plans and exercise routines custom designed to fit your exact needs, to daily motivation to help you stick to it. My wife and I signed up with Dakota both with […]


Dakota Is one of the most driven, compassionate people I have come across. He is an incredible coach, helping people from many different backgrounds and personalizing his work what is best for them. He has been an inspiration and a mentor to me. He consulted with me and helped get my business to a much […]


It continues to blow my mind how Dakota works with a ton of clients, yet he makes the time to set up your individualized plan and make your fitness journey very personalized. Dakota continues to be an inspiration to me in more aspects than fitness. His work ethic and genuine care for other people are […]


Met Dakota about 1 year ago at the gym and after following him on Instagram for about 1 year I finally decided to get a plan from him. Couldn’t have picked a more Humble, Caring, positive, goal oriented coach. Despite what you might think, He’s there for you every step of the way. One thing […]


My Fitness Coach, Dakota Lane, is one of the best men I’ve probably ever known. We met on FB a year ago. I started following him because we had mutual friends and I wanted to start a health journey… I figured I’d learn tips and form through osmosis of watching the dude. But then we […]


First you think its just a fitness instructor BUT HES MORE, LIFE COACH, NUTRITIONIST, GOAL DIGGER, FRIEND, MENTOR, BUFF MOFO! He’s so kind and helps you with whatever your goals are, he makes the plans on what you want to eat and gives you a bunch of alternatives! he creates a workout plan specific to […]


Dakota helped me tremendously in my pursuit to lose body fat and gain muscle! He was great with response time and I could tell he truly cared! Highly recommend him for nutrition coaching! – Dominic Atencio


Working with Dakota has been nothing short of life-changing. As a former NCAA athlete, lifelong fitness enthusiast, and most recently distance/marathon runner, I was struggling to adapt to new means of exercise as I dealt with old nagging injuries. Dakota has done an incredible job partnering with me to develop a lifestyle that fits my […]


Highly recommend Dakota. His plans for nutrition and workouts are very thorough. He was also very responsive when I had questions about anything. Helped me escape the plateaus that I had and will continue to use his recommendations as I continue my fitness journey. – Luke Pierce


“Awesome guy to work with! Had a great time with his challenging but as well enjoyable workout and diet program. He’s definitely invested in your health and takes the time to ask regularly how’s the program and tailors it according to need, ability and limit. His programs are not a buy and you get the […]