“Dakota is an amazing trainer! My boyfriend and I have trained with him for the past year and we’ve seen amazing results! I have worked with Dakota on diet and fitness. When trying Dakota’s meal plan I dropped a lot of weight and felt good. I’ve since then changed my lifestyle and eating habits and […]


“Dakota is not only one of the most dedicated fitness advocates, but is also a phenomenal and ethical man. I’ve never met a personal trainer or any health and wellness professionals that cares about his clients to the level that he does.”  -Ryan Englehardt, Colorado


“I started training with Dakota a few months back and the results speak for themselves. He knows what he is talking about and builds a plan that is tailored to you specifically. Great guy, great coach, great program.” – Danny Notoriani, Colorado


“Dakota is incredible! I’ve never seen my body change so much thanks to his customized workouts! As a beginner, Dakota answered my millions of questions about the workouts and how to do things. He’s also been incredibly encouraging throughout when I’ve been critical of myself. He’s an awesome trainer and gives his all to his […]


“Dakota has been so great to work with! I started this journey as someone who was nervous and intimidated to walk into a gym and lift weights. But Dakota has been encouraging, motivating and so supportive. He took time out of his own schedule to work out with me in person while I was in […]


“Dakota described in one word: Amazing! Not only has he dialed in to my exact needs for weight training, but he has given me the secret sauce to weight loss! As icing on the cake, he has given me the mental and spiritual confidence I was lacking for a long time. Truly grateful for the […]


“Highly recommend Dakota’s program. Dakota’s very educated and well rounded on nutrition and fitness. He gives a great custom meal and workout plan based on your needs at the fraction of the cost of a personal trainer, but most importantly he’s motivating and always available to ask questions to no matter what time of day. […]


“Dakota is a great trainer! Since working with him I’ve lost 20+ pounds!! He is very, very knowledgeable and hasn’t been wrong yet! Best decision I’ve made with my fitness goals was hiring Dakota!” – Dylan Munsell, Michigan


“I have been coached by Dakota for the past 2 months. He is very encouraging, inspiring, and attentive to my questions. I am already seeing visible results. I plan to continue working with Dakota and am very happy with my decision to have him as my Coach.” – Tommy Craig, Colorado


“I have worked with Dakota twice now the first time I lost almost 42 pounds and then put on 15 pounds of muscle. He is a great coach and a great person in general!” – Travis Braun, Colorado