“Dakota cares about the WHOLE person. He continues to push me to understand health and fitness and live it every day while reaching my goals. He always checks in with both your fitness/nutrition and another goal you’ve chosen. If you’re looking for a trainer who will push you to be your best physically and all […]


“The dude has helped me out a lot. He’s been great in helping me grow and understand what my body is doing and how the nutrition is key. Been great to have Dakota’s in depth knowledge guide me and answer a lot of questions. Can’t wait to keep going” -Fr. Chris Ortega, Georgia


“Yes, Honest, experienced, knowledgeable, responsible, patient, humble, hardworking, and holy! All the virtues that a true man must have. Thank you for all your help. It’s not even 2 weeks and I already feel the changes. After a couple of months now, Dakota has proven to be not only a professional trainer, but someone you […]


“Dakota knows what he’s doing and very down to earth.” -Gabe Espinoza, Texas “Working with Dakota was seriously so wonderful – not only is he knowledgeable with nutrition but he has such a good heart. He was so easy to talk to & non judgmental while I was working through some of my mental & […]


“I have been following Dakota’s personal transformation over the last several months and am truly impressed with his achievement in lean muscle mass and conditioning. Those results speak to his knowledge, commitment and motivation which are exactly the qualities to look for in a personal trainer. I have also known him on a personal level […]


 “It’s almost been 4 Months having Dakota as my Coach. Started following him on Instagram because I saw what a fantastic man of GOD he is. He is a young man not afraid to show his love of GOD & his fellow men  in our Alpha Male Society. Also was impressed with the support & […]


“Dakota and I worked together on a very personalized training plan “in the distance” since I live in Switzerland, and it was a very professional and person focused experience! Verso l’Alto and God bless !!!” -Patricio Tribelhorn, Switzerland.


“Easy 5/5. I had felt like I was plateauing with my fitness goals and decided to contact Dakota and am so grateful I did. If you’re contemplating improving your lifestyle, DLF is absolutely the way to go. He tailored a meal and exercise plan to my unique schedule and I finally started seeing some significant […]


“If you want to achieve your fitness goals, talk to Dakota. I began working with Dakota with the goal of putting on muscle increasing my strength. I put on 10 lbs of muscle in a relatively short amount of time, and am now stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. Dakota is clearly an expert […]


“I’ve been working with Dakota for a month now and he’s really helped me get back on track in the gym. His programs are thorough and well planned – I’m feeling much healthier (physically & emotionally) just after a month. Looking forward to continuing working with Dakota.” -Tyler Stanley, Morocco, Africa