“I’ve been working with Dakota for several months now and I’ve been loving every moment of it!! He pushes you, but not in a way to hurt you…but in a way for you to push your limits and goals and achieve what you thought was impossible!! I HIGHLY recommend Dakota for his genuine, caring nature […]


“As a high school athletic coach I wanted a coach to push me to reach my fitness goals. Every coach needs a coach, and Dakota is amazing! He is very good at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone! 5 stars!” – Mark Travis, Ohio


“I never believed I could lose weight, I was so closed minded and settled for the person I was and the way I looked. In the past I had tried dieting on my own with no knowledge and no plan, I would just rush into it and it didn’t work. I always felt starving and […]


“Dakota is the man! He has, and is, nothing short of amazing as a person and a coach! He and I met late summer 2017, and I very quickly knew that Dakota could help me make the transformation I needed to make, through getting my nutrition on track. A few weeks after we began working […]


“Hey bro, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you’ve helped me with thus far, I’ve been lifting for years and learning as I go and when you wrote me my first plan you took that into consideration and hit me with a curve ball that had my body super confused […]


“My boyfriend and I worked with Dakota a little over 8 weeks. I was motivated to start working with him because I was constantly getting sick, I always felt tired and I wanted to feel better about myself. My goal was not to lose a lot of weight but to tone and gain more energy. […]


“If you want a coach who is driven, compassionate, motivational, personable, humble, yet assertive–Dakota is the go to guy. He truly cares for his clients and he is a true man of God with character and integrity. His prices are very reasonable for the amount of time he will sacrifice to support you and your […]


“Can’t say enough good things about Dakota. His level of knowledge, personal care, love for the game, and dedication to his clients are just a few of the things that make him a leader in his industry. I’ve worked as a trainer for over a decade, unfortunately I see more bad than good in this […]


“This guy gave an inspiring talk to our CO Springs Men’s Group! Still using some of his tools and pointers that were recommended! Abundant Blessings with your ministry” -Luke Vercollone, Professional Soccer Player, Colorado Springs, Colorado


“Dakota provides the knowledge and motivation to help people achieve their fitness goals. I began working with Dakota to transform my physique, but the real value he’s brought me is an education on how to live a consistently healthy lifestyle. He taught me how to take control of my body in the weight room and […]