I would recommend Dakota lane fitness to anyone trying to improve their over all health and image. From very specific, yet easy to use meal plans and exercise routines custom designed to fit your exact needs, to daily motivation to help you stick to it. My wife and I signed up with Dakota both with separate goals in mind and he made us our individual plans. Within a month we were both seeing visual changes and even more exciting for us both was how great we felt. I’ve done a couple of personal training sessions with him as well and I can honestly say I’ve never learned so much about the proper way to lift in such a short time that I had while working out with Dakota.. super soar the next day but in all the best ways. Bottom line, if you need a great trainer, motivator, dietician, give Dakota a call. – James Day
Dakota Is one of the most driven, compassionate people I have come across. He is an incredible coach, helping people from many different backgrounds and personalizing his work what is best for them. He has been an inspiration and a mentor to me. He consulted with me and helped get my business to a much more successful platform. He gave me the tools I needed to keep moving my business forward without sacrificing the quality of program I want to provide. would recommend him to anyone looking to make a real change in their life toward health and happiness. – Ian Dyson
It continues to blow my mind how Dakota works with a ton of clients, yet he makes the time to set up your individualized plan and make your fitness journey very personalized. Dakota continues to be an inspiration to me in more aspects than fitness. His work ethic and genuine care for other people are just a few of his amazing traits. Dakota is also incredibly knowledgeable about what he does. At times when you feel like you’re going nowhere and can’t make any progress, just trust his plan because it it works! Loved it so much, I had to continue my journey with him longer than just my initial 4 month plan. Nothing about changing your lifestyle to pursue your fitness goals are easy, but boy does hiring Dakota sure make it easier! I 100% recommend Dakota to anyone who is ready to make the change and wanting to be the best versions of themselves. – Ryan Irvine
Met Dakota about 1 year ago at the gym and after following him on Instagram for about 1 year I finally decided to get a plan from him. Couldn’t have picked a more Humble, Caring, positive, goal oriented coach. Despite what you might think, He’s there for you every step of the way. One thing that really stood out to me was him sending a video on how to do an exercise minutes after I asked him how to do it. That is just one example of how dedicated of a coach he is. If you’re looking to change your life around and take a plan seriously Dakota will provide all the tools necessary to reach all your fitness goals big or small! – Christian Paredas
My Fitness Coach, Dakota Lane, is one of the best men I’ve probably ever known. We met on FB a year ago. I started following him because we had mutual friends and I wanted to start a health journey… I figured I’d learn tips and form through osmosis of watching the dude. But then we actually struck up a friendship…and I was blown away by him, and his integrity. Dakota is built like the Arnold back in the 80s, but he’s so much more than just a mindless jock stereotype. Dakota is incredibly knowledgable, intelligent, caring, compassionate, kind, fierce but gentle, hard-working, humble, patient, faithful, and I can’t even tell you how encouraging he has been to me in some of the darkest times of this year’s health journey and recovering from this divorce. – Cody Stowe
First you think its just a fitness instructor BUT HES MORE, LIFE COACH, NUTRITIONIST, GOAL DIGGER, FRIEND, MENTOR, BUFF MOFO! He’s so kind and helps you with whatever your goals are, he makes the plans on what you want to eat and gives you a bunch of alternatives! he creates a workout plan specific to you! LASTLY ALWAYS replies within a couple of hours to every single question I have, whether its dumb or not. You can tell he truly cares about peoples results. also affordable for EVERYTHING he provides! AMAZING CANT WAIT TO SIGN UP FOR MORE MONTHS – Taya Grant
Dakota helped me tremendously in my pursuit to lose body fat and gain muscle! He was great with response time and I could tell he truly cared! Highly recommend him for nutrition coaching! – Dominic Atencio
Working with Dakota has been nothing short of life-changing. As a former NCAA athlete, lifelong fitness enthusiast, and most recently distance/marathon runner, I was struggling to adapt to new means of exercise as I dealt with old nagging injuries. Dakota has done an incredible job partnering with me to develop a lifestyle that fits my dietary restrictions and has pushed my body to new heights wile staying easy on my joints. I feel better than I have in years, my metabolism is the best it’s ever been, and I look better at 31 than I even did in my college soccer days! In working with Dakota, you can expect compassion and intensity, discipline and encouragement, consistency and professionalism. He is easy to communicate with and quick to respond. He listens to your thoughts and feedback but also doesn’t simply tell you what you want to hear. I promise it won’t be easy… but Dakota makes it simple. I am so excited about everything I have learned and this new lifestyle and passion I have found. It feels SO good to have a new way of life! Cheers – Kevin McCartney
Highly recommend Dakota. His plans for nutrition and workouts are very thorough. He was also very responsive when I had questions about anything. Helped me escape the plateaus that I had and will continue to use his recommendations as I continue my fitness journey. – Luke Pierce
“Awesome guy to work with! Had a great time with his challenging but as well enjoyable workout and diet program. He’s definitely invested in your health and takes the time to ask regularly how’s the program and tailors it according to need, ability and limit. His programs are not a buy and you get the same workout and diet plan everyone gets; Dakota really tailors the whole program for you at an affordable cost.” -Brother Jude OFMCAP, Colorado
“Dakota is an amazing trainer! My boyfriend and I have trained with him for the past year and we’ve seen amazing results! I have worked with Dakota on diet and fitness. When trying Dakota’s meal plan I dropped a lot of weight and felt good. I’ve since then changed my lifestyle and eating habits and he’s always been there for me giving advice and cheering me on. I also highly recommend his workouts, he knows what he’s doing! My form has drastically improved since working with him. Lastly, he’s fun to workout with! He has a great personality and is always attentive to whatever you need!” -Michaella Wise, Colorado
“Dakota is not only one of the most dedicated fitness advocates, but is also a phenomenal and ethical man. I’ve never met a personal trainer or any health and wellness professionals that cares about his clients to the level that he does.”  -Ryan Englehardt, Colorado
“I started training with Dakota a few months back and the results speak for themselves. He knows what he is talking about and builds a plan that is tailored to you specifically. Great guy, great coach, great program.” – Danny Notoriani, Colorado
“Dakota is incredible! I’ve never seen my body change so much thanks to his customized workouts! As a beginner, Dakota answered my millions of questions about the workouts and how to do things. He’s also been incredibly encouraging throughout when I’ve been critical of myself. He’s an awesome trainer and gives his all to his clients. You won’t regret going with him as your trainer!” -Jade Chan-Pong, Florida
“Dakota has been so great to work with! I started this journey as someone who was nervous and intimidated to walk into a gym and lift weights. But Dakota has been encouraging, motivating and so supportive. He took time out of his own schedule to work out with me in person while I was in town to give me some tips and pointers. He really cares about his clients, checks in to see how we are doing and feeling and listens to any concerns or questions we have. I noticed incredible changes in my body (yay!) but also just in the way I feel – my new confidence in the gym has no doubt had an influence on my overall confidence in life, which is priceless. I genuinely feel stronger and healthier than ever and Dakota is to thank!! If you’re looking for someone to help you achieve your fitness/health goals – Dakota is the one for you. Hands down!” -Lindsey Height, Atlanta
“Dakota described in one word: Amazing! Not only has he dialed in to my exact needs for weight training, but he has given me the secret sauce to weight loss! As icing on the cake, he has given me the mental and spiritual confidence I was lacking for a long time. Truly grateful for the guidance, knowledge and support.” -Ceci Bradshaw, Cancun, Mexico
“Highly recommend Dakota’s program. Dakota’s very educated and well rounded on nutrition and fitness. He gives a great custom meal and workout plan based on your needs at the fraction of the cost of a personal trainer, but most importantly he’s motivating and always available to ask questions to no matter what time of day. What really makes him stand out is he’s committed to helping you whenever you need it. If you’re trying to be the best version of yourself health wise Dakota is the guy to get you there.” -Kyle Szalay, Colorado
“Dakota is a great trainer! Since working with him I’ve lost 20+ pounds!! He is very, very knowledgeable and hasn’t been wrong yet! Best decision I’ve made with my fitness goals was hiring Dakota!” – Dylan Munsell, Michigan
“I have been coached by Dakota for the past 2 months. He is very encouraging, inspiring, and attentive to my questions. I am already seeing visible results. I plan to continue working with Dakota and am very happy with my decision to have him as my Coach.” – Tommy Craig, Colorado
“I have worked with Dakota twice now the first time I lost almost 42 pounds and then put on 15 pounds of muscle. He is a great coach and a great person in general!” – Travis Braun, Colorado
“Dakota embodies his vision to help people get to the next level of complete health. His greatest strength is that he lives out his mission in action, not words. I’ve personally benefitted and been inspired by his courageous witness and upfront challenge to refuse to settle for mediocrity. He’s sees the greatness within his clients and helps them see it as well. I couldn’t be happier about the decision to have him as my trainer.” – Jeremy Rivera, Colorado
“Dakota is a great trainer and coach, His knowledge in both nutrition and training is unparalleled. Whether you are just starting to take nutrition and training seriously or whether you are working to break plateaus Dakota can definitely help. His one on one contact every day was crucial in helping keep me motivated throughout my training. Very good programs and a very kind person.” – Gavin Forrest, Colorado
“’You were not made for comfort, you were made GREATNESS’. This is a quote that as always been close to my heart. Being born with Cerebral Palsy has brought its challenges and life has not always walked me down the “comfortable road”, but I have always been man who longs to be GREAT. And boy am I far from great. But a life of some “uncomfort” has reminded that it is only through overcoming that adversity that one can truly be great. DAKOTA LANE has been one of my most recent reminders of that. Dakota pushes you. He challenges you. He demands of you more than you think you are capable. He makes you physically UNCOMFORTABLE. Why? Because he knows and he believes that’s it can make you great. His regimen is rigorous and demanding. It thorough and exhausting. It is EXACTLY what you need if you want to become the best version of yourself. Furthermore, while Dakota’s methods are unique and effective, what’s sets him apart is the way that he leads his clients. He leads by example and he leads through humble willingness to tirelessly serve those who have entrusted their bodies to his guidance. I plan to renegade in his plan for me this summer, because I have seen the results and I believe in his methods. I highly recommend Dakota Lane Fitness to anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves. It will make you uncomfortable; it will make you great. Thanks, Dakota.” – Joshua Brittain, Arizona
“Dakota is one hell of a trainer and knows what he is talking about. Worked with him about 2 years ago and it been the best decision of my life. He’s is 100 percent on board to trying to make you a better person and checks up on you progress frequently definitely worth it if you’re trying to change your lifestyle.” -Erik Runkle, Colorado
“Dakota Lane Fitness has helped me think outside the box when it comes to training for my health and career. Dakota is very intentional on making sure his clients are surpassing their goals. The meal plans are thought out to the ounce and the workouts kick your butt every time. Highly recommend training with Dakota Lane.”-  Jon Hibbeler, Firefighter in St. Louis, Missouri
“I’ve been working with Dakota a little over a month now, and I can say that he is most certainly one of the better, if not the best, trainers out there. He does his absolute best to make any meal and workout plan 100% tailored for you, and he’s always available to answer any question you have regardless of how minor it seems. Plus as an added bonus he’ll send you words of encouragement when you realize it’s leg day and you don’t wanna go. Seriously though, if you want a trainer that is the embodiment of what a personal trainer should be, Dak is the guy you need.” -Jackson Aylesworth, Texas
“Dakota has really helped me understand fitness. Although I just started my experience it has been great. He doesn’t get annoyed even when you ask him a lot of questions. As someone who has tried many programs it can be frustrating but this program eliminates all the guess work. This is a very strict plan but it helps to have him there answering questions if you need help. If you aren’t dedicated this probably is not the plan for you but if you are I wouldn’t recommend anything else. It is pricy compared to other fad diet programs but it is specifically designed for you which will guarantee results while the other ones probably won’t. Also he motivates you almost everyday asking how you are doing. Good guy and a great trainer!” – Enzo Franzese
 “Only been working with Dakota for a few months now and I’ve already started to see awesome results!” -Giovanni Franzese, Colorado
“I had been lifting consistently for about a year and a half before working with Dakota. I saw some results but never really knew what I was doing. Working with Dakota and having a set regiment with effective workouts in the right order has made all the difference. I feel great and look better than I have ever before! Absolutely would recommend to anyone and can’t wait to keep working. The results his clients get speak for themselves ??” -Jimmy Mckenna Illinois
“If you want to be motivated into liking working out, then Dakota is your trainer. His knowledge, and personal attention to you and your needs in helping you succeed is great and we are not even in the same state! He takes pride in helping you and gives you his personal attention like you are his only client. I am doing great thanks to Dakota, 7 weeks 14 pounds down and feeling like a new woman. Thank you Dakota. Remembering its not a sprint its a marathon…” -Julie Newman, Ohio
“Dakota cares about the WHOLE person. He continues to push me to understand health and fitness and live it every day while reaching my goals. He always checks in with both your fitness/nutrition and another goal you’ve chosen. If you’re looking for a trainer who will push you to be your best physically and all around, then Dakota is your guy!” -Shannon McKenna, Chicago
“The dude has helped me out a lot. He’s been great in helping me grow and understand what my body is doing and how the nutrition is key. Been great to have Dakota’s in depth knowledge guide me and answer a lot of questions. Can’t wait to keep going” -Fr. Chris Ortega, Georgia
“Yes, Honest, experienced, knowledgeable, responsible, patient, humble, hardworking, and holy! All the virtues that a true man must have. Thank you for all your help. It’s not even 2 weeks and I already feel the changes. After a couple of months now, Dakota has proven to be not only a professional trainer, but someone you can count on. Thank you for helping me to achieve real results. Your work is amazing and your body matches your character and your soul. Thank you for sharing your talents with so many people like me.” -Fr. Pako, Idaho
“Dakota knows what he’s doing and very down to earth.” -Gabe Espinoza, Texas “Working with Dakota was seriously so wonderful – not only is he knowledgeable with nutrition but he has such a good heart. He was so easy to talk to & non judgmental while I was working through some of my mental & emotional issues regarding my body. He held such a safe place for me to work through my own journey. I recommend him if you are looking for someone who is invested not only in your physical health but also emotional well being as well. I can’t recommend him enough.” -Meghan Fisher, Colorado
“I have been following Dakota’s personal transformation over the last several months and am truly impressed with his achievement in lean muscle mass and conditioning. Those results speak to his knowledge, commitment and motivation which are exactly the qualities to look for in a personal trainer. I have also known him on a personal level and his integrity, honesty and commitment to others really stand out. I highly recommend his services.” -Patrick Kelleher, Chicago
 “It’s almost been 4 Months having Dakota as my Coach. Started following him on Instagram because I saw what a fantastic man of GOD he is. He is a young man not afraid to show his love of GOD & his fellow men  in our Alpha Male Society. Also was impressed with the support & encouragement he gives to his client. So I finally made the decision to have him as my Coach. In almost 4 Months I’m down 28lbs. (the correct way) with great progression with my lifts & even performing lifts and exercises I never I thought I could do. Dakota has worked around my amputated toes on my right foot & my current recovery with my aortic valve replacement. Dakota has encouraged & supported me & answered any/all questions I had/have in a quick manner. His work ethic & humbleness are beyond compare! If you’re looking for a trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, you can’t find anyone better! Dakota Lane Fitness has my highest level of recommendation! Blessed to EXPERIENCE LIFE AT THE HEIGHTS with Dakota Lane Fitness!!” -Kevin Bradshaw, St. Louis, Missouri
“Dakota and I worked together on a very personalized training plan “in the distance” since I live in Switzerland, and it was a very professional and person focused experience! Verso l’Alto and God bless !!!” -Patricio Tribelhorn, Switzerland.
“Easy 5/5. I had felt like I was plateauing with my fitness goals and decided to contact Dakota and am so grateful I did. If you’re contemplating improving your lifestyle, DLF is absolutely the way to go. He tailored a meal and exercise plan to my unique schedule and I finally started seeing some significant changes, thanks to his coaching. Additionally, he’s always supportive, friendly, and all around a great dude; I can’t recommend him enough.” -Joe Mueller, Colorado
“If you want to achieve your fitness goals, talk to Dakota. I began working with Dakota with the goal of putting on muscle increasing my strength. I put on 10 lbs of muscle in a relatively short amount of time, and am now stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. Dakota is clearly an expert on health and fitness and the results speak for themselves, both in Dakota and his clients. He is very intentional about every detail included in his plans and is always happy to share his wealth of knowledge. The plan Dakota built to achieve my goals was very challenging, but it at the same time simple and effective – he obviously knows what he is doing. On top of all this, Dakota is an incredible guy. He is genuinely interested in the well-being of his clients and pushed me to work for my goals when I was slacking or ready to quit. He makes himself available to his clients around the clock for questions and accountability. He may not tell you what you want to hear, but he will always be straight with you and is always positive. Dakota is top-notch in his field and is a class act. I 100% recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer. Thanks Dakota!” – Tommy Hogan, Colorado
“I’ve been working with Dakota for a month now and he’s really helped me get back on track in the gym. His programs are thorough and well planned – I’m feeling much healthier (physically & emotionally) just after a month. Looking forward to continuing working with Dakota.” -Tyler Stanley, Morocco, Africa
“I worked with Dakota for four months before my wedding, and it was an absolute pleasure. He made me an individualized plan and gave me more attention than I deserved! He promptly answered all of my questions, and he did so cheerfully, intelligently, and in such a way that motivated me to get results! Cut a lot of fat and gained a lot of muscle – much more than I would have without him! I don’t know that I could possibly give him a higher review! Very satisfied, and I would recommend him to anyone!”  -John Bishop, Colorado
“Dakota has been instrumental in helping me reach my fitness goals. He cares for every one of his clients. Amongst everything he provides throughout his monthly programs, his individual attention and care for his clients is what stood out to me. He takes time every day to check in, answer questions, and make you feel you’re receiving the proper coaching. On top of everything, he’s genuinely a great person and wants to see you succeed. 10/10 recommend!” – Palmer Young, Kansas
“I knew new Dakota Lane from high school in passing and was always blown away by how much he’s transformed himself, physically and spiritually. Saw that he had an opening back in June 2019 and I knew I had to work with him. He’s incredible at supporting and encouraging me through the whole process. Never lifted before in my life, but with Dakota’s meal and workout plans he’s created for me, I’ve been able really see some changes and am in the best shape of my life now. His plans are fun and he’s great at keeping things varied and interesting. Can’t wait to see how far I’ll be able to go with his help in the future!” – Connor Rust, Colorado
“Dakota is the best. He tailored a personalized fitness and nutrition plan for me and put me on the road to success. Dakota is easy to talk to and gives great advise that you can use to lose weight and tone up.” -Lance Branch, Texas “Although I knew a decent bit about fitness and a healthy lifestyle before working with Dakota, I feel that he provided me with the knowledge and tools to take my physique to a whole new level. I would normally just go into the gym and do whatever I felt like, with no real structure to my workouts, and I wasn’t seeing any progress. Dakota gave me effective workouts that I felt challenged me. He listened to my feedback and removed or added workouts tailored to my lifestyle and preferences, and I never had seen changes in my body within the last year as I did within just two short months of working with him. He also taught me how important food is in reaching my fitness goals and crafted a meal plan that I actually enjoyed following and helped me overcome my mental block with food, as I had always thought I was eating enough but it turns out my body needed way more fuel than it was receiving to see physical changes. Dakota is extremely receptive to any questions I have and is always quick to respond with detailed advice or tips. He truly cares about his clients.” -Diana McCaslin, Colorado
“I’ve been working with Dakota for just over 8 months now and can honestly say I am in the best shape of my life. I’ve trained consistently for almost 13 years, but Dakota has taken my training to a different level and focused on my desired results. Dakota is knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, produces results. There are no shortcuts in his programs, but that’s why you’ll achieve lasting results and overall health, rather than short term success. If you’re ready to actually see a return on the investment you’re putting into the gym and your overall health, Dakota is your guy.” – Danny Reynolds, Kansas
“I’ve been working with Dakota for 5 months. It is an interactive, personal experience, whose approach is not one size fits all. With his support and coaching, I’ve been able to see outstanding results and get a handle on my eating and work out habits. In addition he cares about the whole person, not just one aspect of the person’s life. I have never felt as if I am inconveniencing him by my questions or by my mistakes. When I do slip up, he never shames or guilts me. I have found I am able to be honest about my journey. I never regret my decision to work with him.” -Chad Smith, Indiana
“It goes without saying that Dakota knows fitness. From custom meal plans to custom workouts, I’ve always known fitness but he has helped me enhance my knowledge and combine food with exercise for the best results. Not to mention he is so kind and encouraging. While working with Dakota, I’ve had 2 major physical set backs and he hasn’t once shied away from helping me continue to work on my fitness through my limitations. I would 10/10 recommended him and 10x over again to family, friends, and peers.” -Jordan Obechina, Colorado
“Since starting with Dakota, I’m down 35 lbs from 255 to 220. Dakota’s workouts have taken my strength to the next level. He is a consummate professional and the example of what any man would aspire to in business, faith, and life in general. I can’t recommend him enough!” -Josh Barry, Colorado
“Before working with Dakota I went through a lifestyle change on my own, lost the weight and felt great! But as time went on I no longer had a goal I needed to reach and I began to I loss my WHY and honestly the drive to keep pushing and grinding. I felt like I was just going through the motions. That all changed once I started working with Dakota! He helped me get my confidence back and truly educated me on how to properly feed and fuel my body. His custom meal plans are awesome he worked endlessly to find what worked for me even if that meant taking a completely different approach to the style of eating. He is extremely dedicated to his clients and I am forever grateful for his coaching and the knowledge he shared with me!”  -Lauren Harr, Colorado
“I have been working with Dakota for about 4 full months now and the results have been amazing. It’s not magic, but when someone is willing to put in the effort and be serious about their nutrition they should expect to see results and quickly. The meal plans are easy to follow and has a lot of variation based on what you like to eat. I couldn’t ask for better accountability and easy to follow plans that have supported training for a couple hours a day. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you support your workouts with proper nutrition. I would recommend training with Dakota for anyone who wants to change their life for the better.” -Fr. Dan Molochko, Virginia
“I’ve been working with Dakota for several months now and I’ve been loving every moment of it!! He pushes you, but not in a way to hurt you…but in a way for you to push your limits and goals and achieve what you thought was impossible!! I HIGHLY recommend Dakota for his genuine, caring nature about your health and helping you become better, and stronger(mentally and physically), he’s always there with an answer when questions arise , and he does his absolute best to accommodate you in any way possible!!! THE BEST personal trainer in existence‼️‼️” – Brandon Chaner
“As a high school athletic coach I wanted a coach to push me to reach my fitness goals. Every coach needs a coach, and Dakota is amazing! He is very good at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone! 5 stars!” – Mark Travis, Ohio
“I never believed I could lose weight, I was so closed minded and settled for the person I was and the way I looked. In the past I had tried dieting on my own with no knowledge and no plan, I would just rush into it and it didn’t work. I always felt starving and never saw the results I wanted. I even tried a previous nutritionist and that only lasted about a month and again no results. With the help of Dakota and his knowledge in fitness he made a meal plan that was specifically made for me and my body. I stuck to his plan and worked out and I saw the results I thought were impossible! I started August 2017 and in 8 months I’ve lost over 60lbs. Dakota works with you one on one, he checks up one you to make sure how your doing. He cares and wants to know about your concerns, things you like and things you don’t like. He really believes in you, for me specifically having that person that’s counting on you to put in the work really motivates me to stick to my meal plan, get my workout in and never give up.” -Jacky Rodriguez, Colorado
“Dakota is the man! He has, and is, nothing short of amazing as a person and a coach! He and I met late summer 2017, and I very quickly knew that Dakota could help me make the transformation I needed to make, through getting my nutrition on track. A few weeks after we began working together I suddenly found myself setting an ambitious goal…to do my first mens physique comp! Things went into overdrive quick and Dakota was, and is, there every step of the way! He got me off soda, drinking at least a gallon of water a day, prepping my own whole clean foods, got me eating regularly through the day, and off junk food. He put me on a realistic meal plan filled with things I could prep quick that I like to eat. He walked me through the psychological and lifestyle changes that come with going from treating food as comfort to treating it as fuel… I could write a book on all the ways Dakota got me on course and keeps me there! In 4 months of his meal plan and accountability/coaching I went from 19% to 9% bodyfat and put on 5 to 8 or so pounds of lean muscle! The proofs in the numbers! Dakota’s coaching works! Now that I’m in prep for my show, Dakota has shifted roles and is partnering with my prep coach (who is in Florida I’m in Colorado so there is a distance gap) Dakota bridges that gap by helping me onsite in the gym to make sure my given prep workouts are executed to the MAX such that I push my limits and give my all to each workout! Dakota is an amazing motivator, teacher, and coach in the gym! Dakota has helped immensely to bring up my intensity, form,…
“Hey bro, just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all that you’ve helped me with thus far, I’ve been lifting for years and learning as I go and when you wrote me my first plan you took that into consideration and hit me with a curve ball that had my body super confused which was awesome. In the past I’ve created my own meal plans and worked with some nutritionist and they did not compare to what you have done, I’ve been working with you on the meal plan you gave me for a few months and I am down 40lbs. And I think it’s all from your knowledge and involvement with your clients that makes it easy. I am excited to continue to work with you and continue the ride on the gainz train” – Junior Chavez, Colorado
“My boyfriend and I worked with Dakota a little over 8 weeks. I was motivated to start working with him because I was constantly getting sick, I always felt tired and I wanted to feel better about myself. My goal was not to lose a lot of weight but to tone and gain more energy. I can honestly say that without the help from Dakota I wouldn’t feel as good as I do today and I also would not have the knowledge to live a healthier life style. I have not gotten sick since I started the program, I sleep better and I have more energy throughout the day. My body actually rejects junk food now because I am choosing a healthier diet. Although I didn’t stick 100% to his plan I have still noticed a lot of differences in my body. Dakota was great at checking in, was always available for my many questions and motivated us both to keep going. My boyfriend and I still make it a goal to stay active and choose healthier eating habits. The results are worth it!” -Brittney White, Colorado
“If you want a coach who is driven, compassionate, motivational, personable, humble, yet assertive–Dakota is the go to guy. He truly cares for his clients and he is a true man of God with character and integrity. His prices are very reasonable for the amount of time he will sacrifice to support you and your goals. Especially if you’re a beginner, he is so open to answering any nutrition or exercise questions you may have.” -Heidi Lynn, Wisconsin
“Can’t say enough good things about Dakota. His level of knowledge, personal care, love for the game, and dedication to his clients are just a few of the things that make him a leader in his industry. I’ve worked as a trainer for over a decade, unfortunately I see more bad than good in this profession. For that reason this is one of only two reviews I’ve been willing to write for trainers. I can personally vouch for him to the highest level. With Dakota you know you’re in good hands.” -Mark Wascho, Personal Trainer, Tampa Bay, Florida
“This guy gave an inspiring talk to our CO Springs Men’s Group! Still using some of his tools and pointers that were recommended! Abundant Blessings with your ministry” -Luke Vercollone, Professional Soccer Player, Colorado Springs, Colorado
“Dakota provides the knowledge and motivation to help people achieve their fitness goals. I began working with Dakota to transform my physique, but the real value he’s brought me is an education on how to live a consistently healthy lifestyle. He taught me how to take control of my body in the weight room and especially the kitchen; I had no idea how I needed to eat in order to achieve my goals and he taught me how to do it. My life has transformed more than I ever thought possible through fitness; I’ve become a happier, healthier, and more confident person and I owe a huge part of that to Dakota and his support. I highly recommend working with him to everyone who wants to make positive changes in their life and become the best version of themselves.” – Joey Notorianni, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
“Passion and heart—that’s what makes Dakota stand out. There are tons of chiseled bodies and qualified trainers out there for sure. But Dakota adds to all his (undeniable) expertise a genuine and burning passion to improve the lives of those he works with. The guy just lives to add value to others. He also has a generous and kind heart. I can’t understate how many times he surprised me with his concern and thoughtfulness, how he checks in even without my asking, inquires about my general well-being (not just physical fitness), and how available he is to every question or concern. It should go without saying that with all these Dakota provides every necessary tool, plan, and information you need to transform your body and your life. In the end the only question is if you are willing to match the effort and passion he pours onto you. If the answer is yes, life in the heights shouldn’t be far behind.” -Fr. Albert, Manilla, Philippines
“As a fitness coach and as a human being, he’s the guy to trust. My journey has been very difficult for a few reasons, but Dakota has been always aware to elaborate the best way for me to accomplish the initial goal.” -Carlos Gil, Cancun, Mexico
“I have been on the path to sobriety and just changing my life around in general since the beginning of 2018 after my girlfriend left me, I had just quit my Chef position because I was burnt out and coping with drug and alcohol use daily. Long story short, I decided after countless mental breakdowns to pursue help in the form of fitness. Dakota and I went to High School together and when I got in contact with him about helping me reach some goals to be on a healthier path and lifestyle, and I saw all the achievements he has made since high school, well, the rest is history. Since working with him over the phone and online coaching I have turned my life and self around and couldn’t be happier with my results thus far. I feel like a man again and I feel empowered and confident and healthy. 5 starts all day, I recommend him to all my friends that want to change their life and routine for the better.” -Jake Szary , Colorado
“Two years ago, at the age of 49, I hired Dakota as my personal trainer. Regardless of where I have lived, he’s been there every step of the way. Today, I celebrate our friendship and his existence in my life. He’s fueled my passion for weight training with his servant’s heart, his knowledge and his experience. Dakota is like no other and I am grateful for his continued support in my journey. Coach, you Rock!!!!!” -Cecilia Bradshaw, Florida
“I’ve been working with Dakota for 5 months now and can honestly say he is one of the best people I have met and not only is an amazing coach but truly has become an amazing friend in my life. I feel great knowing I am in good hands and can trust his guidance, his knowledge that he passes down to me and his meal and fitness plans.   I have always been involved in sports, I have always been a very active person and was a personal trainer myself a few years back, but having that extra push, having the guidance and never having to wonder what should I be eating or what should I not be eating (and what is the purpose behind all of this) and what should I train today and what cardio am I going to pair with my lifting session—has been something so priceless. Dakota takes the worry, stress and wonder out of everything and is truly there for me 24/7—365 days! Dakota is extremely professional, friendly, understanding, encouraging, and knowledgeable! He truly pushes me to be the best version of me and I look up to him very much! Our health is not something to take for granted and if you are looking for a coach out there who will put his time and effort into producing an extremely tailored plan for you specifically…Dakota is your man! I hope to always have this coach/client relationship with him—but he truly has a friend for life in me! #DakotaLaneFitness “ -Lindsey Shulze, California
“Not only is Dakota an excellent trainer and very knowledgeable in his expertise, he is a genuinely good guy and always has your back, in and out of the gym. I was able to hit goals and see results previously thought impossible with my body type, and along the way I felt encouraged and empowered. The meal plans are easy, (delicious, even), and the workouts are challenging and rewarding. Highly recommend this man to anyone from any background. If you put in the effort, he will help you change your life!”  -Ethan Jock, Tokyo, Japan