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As a fitness & nutrition coach, I have one job: to successfully help you achieve your goals. There are three critical components when it comes to achieving health and fitness results: exercise, nutrition, and coaching. If all of these variables are not precisely catered to your individual needs, it is difficult to guarantee results. With my customized nutrition plans, personalized exercise programs, and consistent accountability and coaching I work to guarantee you not only reach your goals but achieve things you never thought possible.

Here's what you get when you work with me...


Based on your body type, body composition, and a scientific approach to gaining muscle, losing fat, and optimizing your health, we will use nutrient dense ​foods of your choice​, optimal nutrition timing, the most metabolically efficient portions and food types to take advantage of the highest diet induced thermogenesis possible, all written out precisely detailed for you to ​reach your goals​! Each month I will edit and change the plan. Each phase includes new meal options and food edits to avoid hitting plateaus and keep you progressing toward your goals. Don’t forget about the refeed/cheat meals, which will be in the plan in a way to help and not hurt!

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A personally developed training program based on your goals, incorporating the most dynamic fat burning and muscle building movements, balanced with muscle retaining metabolically enhancing cardio regiment. Typically has a dynamic warm up, primary training, and metabolic training. Whether a beginner or expert, it doesn’t matter. Each exercise has detailed design of set and repetition ranges. Each month I will send you a new program. They are progressively more challenging and advanced and thus ​give progressing results​ and avoid stagnation and plateaus.

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The​ ​ 1 on 1 Coaching for the nutrition and training program is extremely personal one on one ​online coaching​ each month to go with the programs. Practically 24 hour access to ask me any and all questions regarding nutrition, supplements, exercise form, food substitutions, plan alterations, etc. Accountability check in as frequent as wanted (weekly at the least, daily at the most). If wanted, video call is available twice/month to help show form or ask other questions.

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*in special circumstances I can offer a nutrition or exercise program a la carte, however, without controlling both variables, it is more difficult to guarantee results

Who do I work with?

My passion is to help anyone and everyone, no matter the goal, to achieve their health and fitness goals and experience life at the heights. I have worked with clients from 16 to 68 years old. Male and female. From people who have never stepped foot into a gym to professional athletes. Have worked with surgeons, military personnel, lawyers, police officers, stay at home moms, college students, mixed martial art fighters, parents of 8 kids, desk workers, traveling musicians, competitive lifters, and everywhere in between. Any experience, any goal, anybody, let’s do this!

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